Island Hopping

Prepare to stop speaking
Another one down

From my vantage point on the bank Zak, Jake, and myself watched the zombie golems shuffle towards Philip and Ednick. From our perspective there seemed no interest in conversation from the golems and as Philip began to back away from them I opened up with my electron pulse rifle. Sods of earth tore off the golem as the beam impacted into its midriff. Zak leapt forwards with his vibro-blade in hand, although I shouted at him to use the white noise box he had previously constructed. As Philip backed up he unleashed a shot from his high powered rifle hitting a golem dead centre. It began to turn to earth as it crumbled to the floor. Suddenly a strange ray of light flowed towards another golem which seemed to grow bigger upon receiving the light. Zak found himself surrounded by a couple of golems who began to tear at him, Jake had been studying the golems for a while and noticed weakness points that could be exploited, which he shared with myself.

We slowly dwindled down the zombies, but the team in melee had become surrounded, Zak believed this was a good time to use the white noise generator. Aiming at the larges group he activated the device and the golems ground to an instant halt, frozen in time! We picked off the remaining combatants and then we surrounded the remainder. As Jake slowly adjusted the beam to release one by one they crumbled to the ground transferring their power to the next one along, but all dissolved into dust as they were released.

As we pushed towards the lair of Disanance Riven caught up with the group and we soon arrived at the dishevelled hut owned by the renegade musician. Philip managed to find some exquisitely crafted gold instruments on a casual search of the property but I was more interested in defiling the residence. His instruments were the first to feel my wrath, suddenly a low hum could be heard outside and as if by magic Disanance appeared inside the hut. Not wanting to give him time to attack I pounced on him with my vibro-blade hoping to gain an element of surprise. The blade cut into the side of the man who seemed surprised with the speed of attack. He did not stay long though. As quickly as he appeared, he vanished. Fearing a reprise attack I positioned myself with my back to the wall and with white noise generator to my front with it turned up high. He did not return and Zak informed me that he vehicle had also disappeared from outside. Jake thought this would be a good time to get back in the air so as he went to recover his plane I went to own on the hut. By the time he returned I’d managed to rend one of the walls from its companions leaving a huge gap in the building. Zak began to experiment with the percussion instruments and noticed that they can inflict some considerable damage if controlled properly.

Jake arrived and we were soon airborne heading N on the trail of Disanance. Zak hatched a plan to modify the white noise machine and attach it to the belly of the plane where he could aim it in a general direction to slow any adversary down. We saw his vehicle speeding in the distance, but he seemed able to outrun our plane

with ease. We agreed to try and cut him off rather than chase him. As he moved towards the volcano we managed to glance him with the white noise machine he lost control of his vehicle and rolled it below our plane. We quickly landed and I leapt towards his vehicle. A casual search revealed no Disanance but I managed to notice him embedded in the nearby dune. Running towards him a buried my knee in his back and rammed my hand over his mouth to stop him singing. He struggled and tried to kick me off, delivering no more than a glancing blow. I buried the knife into his throat in an attempt to mute him. A direct hit, causing him to flail wildly with his hands, a look of utter pain on his face. I lowered the blade into his right leg and cut his hamstring, hobbling the poor bastard, my final blow was with the pommel of the blade into his eye. He soon raised his arms in surrender. The others approached with a rope and a gag and we then planned how to interrogate him. Using a pen and paper we discovered that he was indeed responsible for the destruction all seemingly over a minor disagreement. We agreed to hand him over to the orchestra back in the town where we had left Mr Phase.

The orchestra was overjoyed and gave us all a musical instrument. I choose the tuba, only because I liked the look of the item. We said our goodbyes and Jake soon had us airborne and back in our own world. It was good to be back to normality.

Tinker, fireman, golem, music man
Building sound weapons of destruction

We formulated a plan to defeat the music man. Our first plan involves modifying a set of noise cancelling headphones. Zak and Jake eventually came up with a small ghetto blaster style item that projects an area of anti-noise. The conductor provides a trumpet player to provide a defensive screen behind which we placed a target. I set the electron blaster up and took a well aimed shot at the target. Alas all that the anti-noise system seemed to do was lower the performance of the shield.

Our second plan involved white noise. Again Zak and Jake got to work modifying the ghetto blaster to now project a cone of white noise. This has the effect of slowing time and finally stopping it within the field. Alas the trumpet player suffered somewhat when we tested weapons against the field. With a new tuber player we had more success and decide that this may be a viable weapon if used in conjunction with some digging equipment. The plan was to freeze the music man and then destabilise the area around him. The time stop will then be deactivated and we can hopefully capture him. Riven begins working on getting his dragon whistle to summon a fiery version of a dragon to attack opponents by studying the effects of sound and music in this strange world.

As the day is getting on we retired for the day. Zak and Philip entered the town to do some digging as to the identity of the music man. It turns out he was a normal citizen who had a disagreement with the town council over unpaid taxes and now seeks to overthrow the town and declare himself mayor.

In the morning Jake fires up the plane and we take to the sky to find the lair of the music man. Shortly after takeoff Riven attempted to impress the group by showing us his progress with his dragon whistle. Just as it looked like there was going to be an internal fire in the plane Jake activates the ejector seat in which Riven was sitting and he was thrown clear of the plane. Thinking quickly Riven manages to land using sound to provide an effective brake, although he was now left a few miles from the main group. We soon find the lair of the music man and Jake puts us down a few miles from his location. As we approached we found a party of Gregorian chanters shabbily dressed approaching the group from the right. Philip and Ednick approached them while myself and Zak provide over watch just incase something went south as they say. As the scouts got closer it seemed that the chanters were either animated dead or constructs of some kind who did not seem interested in talking.

Italian sonic world
These worlds sure are strange indeed

Back through the portal we go, back to reality, or what is left of it.

The organisation is ever present as we land on the island. To disguise the fact that we have Zak with us we hand over Function McFlatcap to the organisation and while they are busy taking the poor machine of to be examined Zak quickly leaves the compound.

Back on our beginning island Riven decides to commission a tailor to copy his robes so he can have more than the meagre couple of sets he currently possesses. He also asks the tailor to somehow incorporate a set of body armour into the robes to offer him some protection. The tailor seems confused but after some persuasion he agrees to the request promising to have the new robes ready soon.

In the main city we meet with Mr Phase who says that the organisation has found St. Joost and that we can see him at 15:00 that day. Fearing this could be some kind of trap myself and Riven secretly prepare for combat hiding our vibro blades under many layers of clothing just incase we’ll need them. At 15;00 we are escorted underground in the main city to what seems to be a hidden research facility staffed with a multitude of MI2 personnel. Philip seems more interested in a female scientist called Louise than the condition of the saint but eventually we are reunited with St. Joost who seems to be mildly sedated but other than that in good health. MI2 seems to have worked out that he is an immortal which could spell bad news for the old man. While he may be immortal he is still rather old so I question their logic on this matter. After quite a bit of wrangling Mr Phase agrees that St. Joost can be released under our care and we take him back to Philips guest house near the beach. The organisation provides three doctors and other medical staff to look after the old man and Riven persuades one of them to lower the amount of sedatives the old guy is receiving, they seem to be pumping him full of enough drugs to put a horse or small camel to sleep!

The following day we escort the two containers we had promised to the vacuum world through the portal and we are rewarded with two laptops full of future technology. I only hope this is put to good use, but with the organisation I cannot be sure. As soon as this is finished Mr Phase explains that he can another MI2 employee, a doctor have both been tested and are able to use the portals to explore new worlds and as such they will be accompanying us on our next adventure. So Jake spins up the craft and we recce the new portal. From below it seems to be an arid dead landmass and from above all seems normal so Jake skilfully pilots the craft into the portal. We are greeted with a view of a seemingly lush world with a large dead area. We fly towards the nearest population mass and after checking the area over we land and investigate.

Meeting a local it soon becomes evident that the population are of Italian decent, stranger though is that they seem to have developed technology based on sound. As we are driven deeper into the city I decide to play some dubstep through the cars audio system which has a rather unfortunate consequence. The vehicle judders to the music and then accelerates to the beat of the song then seemingly crashes. It would seem that sound has a rather different effect in this world to our own. We are soon informed by the local constabulary that the dead area we saw when we entered is called the “Desolate Solo” and that the orchestra are charged with the defence of the land.

We go to the barracks and arrange a meeting with the conductor who explains that the land was once completely lush but an individual has been playing music that has caused the death of the land and it is ever expanding when he plays. They have had some success repairing some of the damage but currently the Desolate Solo is expanding. We experiment with my electron blaster rifle but it cannot penetrate a musical sound shield. Jake then strikes up an idea about using noise cancelling technology to cancel out any defence perpetrator may have allowing us to get under his shield and hopefully deal with the menace. Hopefully Zak can shed some light on how our technology can be used to defeat this menace!

Lock the king up!
Day seven continued

Jake realises that there may be a requirement for his toolkit as this world seems very machine based. Heading back to the ship he notices a stowaway exiting a concealed compartment from the ship. By the gentleman’s clothes it seems he boarded the ship while we were in vacuum world. He introduces himself as Zak, and says he would like to join our bunch of adventures hoping to widen his knowledge and bring some futuristic eyes to our adventures. As we can always do with some experienced hands especially on a world dominated by machines Zak joins the group.

The now five of us head off into the jungle with our small robot urchin, Function McFlatcap in tow. I soon notice multiple tracks heading northwards through the jungle which soon gives way to a wide stretching savannah. Riven finds a river of oil seemingly flowing from the domed city and oddly decides to set it on fire. It lights quickly and is soon what I would consider out of control. Not wanting to remain we press onwards as the trail becomes more and more obscure. Hoping for some further clues to the disappearance of the princess we stumble upon some long forgotten robot parts, but these are now rusted and imposable to tell who or what these came from. As we progress trough the long rough grass I hear some noise from the distance in front of us. Not wanting whatever is there to escape Riven and Function scout ahead hoping to perform some kind of classic pincer movement. As the main group presses forwards we see a pride of lions basking in the sun, they soon notice us and leap towards us just as our two scouts appear behind them.

Two pounce towards the group while Riven attacks the remaining one. His vibro-blade soon removing the tail of one of the creatures then gutting it on his next hit. As one lurches for myself I land a glancing blow with the butt of my electron plasma rifle. The remaining lion pounces on Zak but he dodges it’s raking attack. Function decides to roll a nearby boulder towards one of the creatures, for a small guy he has some strength, that’s for sure! Riven soon finishes off the lion but not before becoming badly raked by the creature. After singing the fur of one I land a point blank shot onto the creature which seems to suffer a large amount of internal damage. As the creature falls to the floor Riven delivers a fiery punch tot he creature killing it. The remaining lion attempts to grapple the rest of the group leaping at three of us. We soon despatch the remaining opponent and notice that there are considerable amounts of freshly eaten mechanical parts. These lions do not seem to mind organic or inorganic food.

As we cross the brow of a hill we see a shining city in front of use with 10’ high walls and seemingly automated turrets regularly spaced along its length. Riven and Function scout ahead but Function is soon noticed and issued a start warning that all inorganic life cannot pass. Riven scales the wall and begins to dismantle the turret but seems unaware of modern electricity and soon receives a sharp shock from the machine. Zak sneaks forwards as the other two seem to have drawn all attention towards themselves and finds a city populated by organics rather than machines. We hatch a plan to smuggle Function into the city by hiding within the group, but they seem to have other sensors beyond visual ones as a guard soon appears. Using a quickly hatched plan that the metal lad is an adopted child of mine to bluff the guard seems to save the poor urchins life but we are still unable to get him overtly into the city for a considerable time. While Function and myself stay outside the city and attempt to discover a more clandestine route in the other attempt to set up a meeting with the local ruler. While reluctant at first as soon as we divulge that we left the city through a crack in its protective barrier we are soon taken tot he leader.

The leader of the advanced civilisation informs us that the robots are a troublesome bunch that have been imprisoned within the dome and that the gap posses a large risk to the rest of the population in the area. He is also perturbed by the large energy disc that has appeared above his city. Knowing that this is a byproduct of our arrives it is becoming more obvious that our adventures may be having an adverse effect on each world we visit! Luckily Zaks understanding of futuristic technology could be used to repair the breach. We are informed that the ‘king’ was placed within the domed city to control the machine people and that it is just a simple program designed to keep the population under control. The princess is just a facet of the programming and there is in fact no such entity. Seizing upon this knowledge we hatch a plan to build a version of the princess we can return with and present to the king. Jake and Zak soon get to work on an aluminium case that Function can wear while pretending to be the princess. Just as the plan is coming to fruition we are informed that a large raging inferno has make our trip back to the domed city near impossible, luckily we persuade leader to give us a flying skiff that will be able to navigate over the raging fire. I wonder how it could have started, Riven! Philip quickly trades some common items which the local take as ancient atifacts for some advanced weaponry and is rewarded with a functioning mini-gun.

Back at the machine city the others return to the ship while myself and a modified Function head towards the castle. We are soon ushered into the reception hall and I inform the king that not only do I bring the missing princess to him but I have also returned his crown which Riven had stolen. The king thankful of the crown seems unable to process the return of the princess, as if the princess was never meant to return. He soon seems unresponsive and soon banishes myself and the princess from the chamber. I point out that he seems as unappreciative as a frenchmen which oddly infuriated him. Before he can summon his guards the princess and I flee the palace just as Jake touches down in the courtyard. We abandon the ‘princess’ costume and make our escape from the compound, not before gesturing obscenities at he king, who responds with a flying boxing glove on a spring at us. The designers must have been in a comical mood when they designed the program. Just before we enter the portal Jake uses the nose mounted laser to etch an obscenity into the courtyard and as he finishes off the comment we flash through the portal.

Earth seems unchanged from when we left so we head down towards the island for the obligatory meeting with Mr Phase.

Robot world
Day 6 continued

We returned to the foreman with the aim of negotiating a longer running trade agreement. We proposed a trade of one container of foodstuffs and one container of soil and seeds for two laptops of technological drawings and plans for advanced items. It is hoped that we could use these to bargain with the organisation, although I remain fearful of the impact advanced technology could have upon the world and how it is distributed. I have experienced first hand the a cold war between nations and I have no wish to return to one.

Leaving pad 17 Jake spun the ship up to power and soon the Hawkins Ring Warp Terminal was just a spec in the distance. We signalled through the portal for the organisation to open the containment field they had erected around the atmosphere consuming vortex that was the portal, and it began to open. We quickly dashed through returning to gravity and an atmosphere with great delight. We could see Mr Phase below eagerly waiting to be debriefed.

As predicted another portal had opened on the nearby island of Tambora and after informing Mr Phase of our expedition and of the situation of the galactic miners he agreed to ship two containers to them in a few days. In the mean time he requested that we explore the new portal. Philip managed to gain some knowledge of the organisation, it goes by the name of MI2. Hopefully Philip will be able to discover more. As the day was getting late we decided to restock and investigate the portal on Tambora tomorrow.

Day 7

After carousing the local town with Riven and introducing him to the delights of the finest Columbia marching powder as well as many women of dubious moral fibre we head towards Tambora. Luckily Jake is an excellent pilot so while Riven and I nurse our hangovers he pilots us in the new plane towards the portal and the island. Philip remembers that Tambora has an undersea communications link to the mainland that hopefully would not have been blocked by the recent events. We were in luck, and Philip quickly discovers that MI2 is in fact a Swiss company called Multiverse Intelligence and Investigation, but the track seems to have run dry, hopefully in time we ca discover more. He also realises the advantages a range weapon offers and decides to purchase an old fashioned elephant gun, he probably should have spoken to me as I would have pointed him towards a more reliable Armalite or similar modern weapon. Riven and myself look around the town and Riven is quite taken by modern timepieces. Alas his lack of identity is proving to be a problem with access to money so feeling generous with my newfound wealth I purchase him a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2.

Our initial overfly of the portal reveals a standard world that seems to be encased in some kind of dome. Hopefully this will not restrict the plane to much, at least with the latest upgrades it should be able to manoeuvre well enough despite the close confines of a dome. Our original observations were correct. This new world looks like a garish combination of Disney’s magic kingdom and a neon mad Miami. There is a large collection of oddly made house surrounding the crater with what could only be described as a neon castle overlocking the entire town which is encased in a geodesic dome measuring three kilometres in diameter. Skilfully Jake lands the plane in what seems to be a parking lot. We quickly debuss to recce the local area and We soon find that there does not seem to be any people here. The world is populated by robots that all seem to be made in the image of a 15th century England mixed with modern features seen circa 1960. We soon find a willing robot to talk to us, a odd looking creature called Servo 15 who is a blacksmith by profession. He agrees to take us to his leader, the King using the monorail system that seems to be the only method of transport in the kingdom.

We are soon with the neon castle with it’s equally out of place drawbridge and portcullis and met by a robot receptionist who is able to grant us an audience with the ‘King’. The kings chamber is a a large circular room with very little furnishings of fixtures excluding the one door leading into the room. At first we were confused as to the location of the King, but we soon discovered that the leader is nothing more that a back computer on a plinth with a paper crown placed up its topmost surface. The machine informs us that he is the ruler of the palladium court and the king of these lands. Further conversation is limited and we soon find ourselves locked in the room unable to leave. Fearing the worse I challenge the king to produce his finest champion who I agree to duel in combat. This will take some time for the king to summon his champion so we are still confined to the room for some time. Further strained conversation with the king leads to the discovery of a princess that was stolen some time ago, and her rescue could allow our release. We agree to find the princess and begin investigating the nearby area and talking to the robots in the vicinity of the castle.

The king had alluded to her abductor being a metal dragon, surely it would not be able to fit into the dome? My hunch was correct and I quickly spot a fissure in the side of the dome due north of the castle. A small crack easily big enough for people to enter and exit the dome. A small vagabond type robot who is curios of the ‘fleshy’ creatures and follows me to the hole. He identifies himself as ‘Function McFlatcap’ He informs me that I should not pass through the gap and there is only nothingness on the other side. I explain to him that there is nothing to dear on the other side except vegetation and dirt, he seems unconvinced so I step through and then return. He seems bemused that I can return and becomes more inquisitive and soon follows me through the gap. As the others gather our equipment from the plane myself and my new found robotic helper explore the nearby area of the gap. I find a few footprints leading off into the distance, its difficult to determine if they are made by a person or machine but there has definitely been movement here recently, mostly egressing the dome!

Vacuum World
Day 6 continued

Hopeful of a meeting with Mr Phase Philip radioed the organisation and hoped that they would attend a public meeting in a very public restaurant. We arrived at 19:30 at a very trendy hotel restaurant and ordered a good quality steak. A large quantity of organisation employees was amassed at the bar but I still considered the threat level low. It took a great deal of will power to stay off the booze and keep a good level head if anything happened. At around 19:50 we could see the organisation employees become agitated as they responded to heavy radio traffic we managed to overhear a transmission instructing ‘all units to intercept’ which prompted a large group to leave the bar. Riven was the first to notice a small tremor as drinks began to shake at the table. As I donned the earpeice to the captured radio stashed in my pocket Jake left the hotel to see if anything could be seen from outside. His wider view allowed him to notice some fast moving objects roughly man size if not slightly larger descending from the heavens some landing nearby. The panic level outside began to rise and as Mr Phase did not show we decided to return to the beach house to take refuge.

On the way home we passed one of the objects from the sky which had seeming landed or impacted into the ground near the road. A detailed observation showed a metallic creature roughly 2m tall shaped what can only be described as a humanoid drill. It was obvious that it was sampling the geology of the island. As we drew closer it rocketed skywards seemingly towards whatever portal it came from. The radio traffic indicated that they originated from from a nearby island and that the organisation was having trouble containing containing the threat.

We decided to investigate further so Jake began to refuel the plane while myself and Riven transferred equipment from house to the plane while Philip prepared some rations for the journey to supplement the military emergency rations stored onboard. By the time the plane climbed into the air night had descended and in the distance of the island we saw small trails being slowly pursued by organisation helicopters. As we approached we were contacted asking us to maintain a perimeter to the portal and we could feel a rush of air being pulled continually through the portal. Jake expertly piloted the plane to gain a maximum vantage point to see beyond the portal but all we were granted with was a view a a dark starless night on the other side. As we completed our flypast we were again contacted and asked to land nearby, which we complied with and we were guided towards a small landing strip aporximatly 1km from the portal. As we landed we noticed a similar sea plane to ours secured near to our landing spot. As we debused from the plane we were greeted by a well dressed French gentleman sporting a modern hairstyle who introduced a himself as ‘Mr Phase’. He explained that the organisation had constructed a vehicle the Jake could easily fly that was suited to operating in a zero gravity vacuum environment and that they wanted to us to take the vehicle through the portal and investigate on the other side. He also indicated that there were factions within the organisation that had sent Jeffery to our location to extract information from us.

We soon transferred our equipment from Jakes seaplane to the new vehicle and secured any loose items incase we encountered a zero gravity environment on the other side of the portal. With expert skill Jake piloted the new vehicle skywards, its new engines producing a near silent propulsion. We entered the portal from above and a few seconds later we were granted with a breathtaking view of a massive gas giant surrounded by a large asteroid field. In the distance I noticed a small metallic object, slowly Jake piloted our ship towards it. This was no small object, but the distance and the gas giant made it appear tiny. As we approached its size was in excess of 70km long and seemed to have suffered some minor damage from asteroid collisions. We noticed small teams of the objects seen on our side of the portal moving from the ship to nearby asteroids where it was obvious that they were mining robots of similar constructs. We were soon contacted by radio asking what an unknown craft was doing in the area. I took the handset and buffed that we were experiencing some mechanical failures and we needed to make an emergency landing, to add to the realism I feigned an intermittent radio fault. Luckily it worked and we were ordered to dock quickly at docking bay 17, which was painted in huge numbers just in front of us on the side of the huge vessel.

Once we docked myself and Jake debused and we were greeted by a woman who introduced herself as Vanessa. She made general chit-chat and directed us towards a customs terminal. She explained that the vessel was a platinum mining ship known as the Hawkin Ring Warp Terminal. Hoping that my bluff skills would continue to impress I engaged in small talk. Alas I don’t think a carried the bluff off as she summoned her superior to deal with us. Luckily Jake had bought a bottle of vodka, so as we waited I had a quart or two to steady the nerves. Riven had exited the craft after we left and decided to explore the area, finding conditions similar to any dockside waterfront complete with homeless and the other detritus one would expect to find in similar locations. The superior soon arrived and Jake showed him the footage of our trip through the portal. This was clearly something way above this guys pay scale and he was soon escorting us to the station foreman. A short monorail trip and we were all in an plush but functional office deep within the station. The man introduced himself as James Micheals, the stations foreman.

The foreman explained that the mining station was under a Galactic Imperial blockade due to the miners striking over low pay and conditions and the impending threat of ion cannon attack. Asking if there was anything we could do to assist he seemed to believe that there was little to be done to assist the situation. We enquired if there was anyone who could provide a tour of the facilities and we were assigned a lady called Eve to show us around. Eve explained that she was a platinum trader and hauler who had been locked on the ship for a year now due to the ongoing blockade.

Eager to see if we could turn a profit from the situation we formulated a plan to trade some of our meagre rations for technological items. Eve knew just the location within the ship and we were soon the owners of three vibro blades and an Electron pulser rifle.

The fight
Day 6 continued

Jake expertly piloted his plane through the portal from below, leaving Philip and Boris waited for the familiar sight of the island to come into vision while Riven and St. Joost continued to be amazed at the wondrous flying ‘Stone Dragon.’ With fuel running perilously low Jake banked the aircraft in the direction of the capitol. Slowly the plane turned and levelled out as we began our decent towards Philips beach front property. The plane skipped along the calm Caribbean sea before coming to a controlled stop against the jetty that also accommodated Philips speedboat.

We disembarked and began to offload our equipment and camera footage from our expedition through the portal. While Jake and Boris completed hauling equipment into the house and securing the plane Philip showed Riven and St. Joost through the property and changes in customs that the two would have to get used too to survive in the modern world. Boris contacted the groups contact, Jeffery by radio and it was not long until the sound of Jeffery’s helicopter could be heard landing near the property. The group began to debrief Jeffery and he agreed to transfer $50,000,000 into an account for Jake and Boris. Philip used his knowledge of modern banking and accounting to quickly set up two accounts and the money was divided and transferred to individual accounts.

The debrief took a sudden change once Jeffery was informed that the old man accompanying the group was St. Joost. Riven pointed out that he could see three flying objects approaching. Boris confirmed that these were helicopters which landed approximately 20m from the beech entrance to Philips house, oddly six men dressed in black toting assault rifles debussed from the helicopters and began to approach the house. Jeffery demanded that the group hand over St. Joost. Boris sensing that the mood had turned sour quickly drew his Spetnaz spade and hacked at the legs of Jeffery who screamed in pain as the spade sliced his calf muscles of his right leg. He staggered back and drew two pistols from concealed belt holsters. Jake and Philip withdrew into the house with St. Joost while Riven who was by this stage at the side of the beech midway between the house and the helicopters where he was seemingly saying a preyer. The poor lad had never seen firearms and did not understand their destructive capabilities.

The six approaching men in black unleashed a torrent of automatic fire towards the property, the concrete taking the majority of the damage. Jeffery took a point blank shot at Boris delivering a flesh wound that Boris brushed off, one of the assault rifle bullets smashed into Boris staggering him back. With a rallying cry to arms from Boris the group began to fight back. Riven leapt at one of the guards from the helicopter plunging his dagger into the mans neck and sending him to the floor. Boris hacked at Jeffery severing his left leg and forcing him to the ground. Philip passed Jake a box of his prized spirits collection which Jake quickly turned into molotov cocktails and began to launch them towards the helicopters catching one and setting it on fire. As the guards continued to advance towards the house more bullets smashed into the property damaging the glass windows and furniture, luckily the group had just been paid and could easily repair the damage. One guard butt stroked Riven with his assault rifle while Jeffery pleaded with Boris to call off the attack and return to a diplomatic solution. To late, as Philip opened up with a pistol at point blank range on Jeffery, who’s head exploded like an over ripe mellon smacked with a baseball bat. Boris noticed an unknown assailant creep up the stairs just in time as he lurched for Boris with a garrotte. As Riven downed another guard Jake scored a direct hit on a helicopter with a molotov cocktail causing the vehicle to explode killing two of the nearby guards.

The garrotte wielding assassin moved into the property, Boris seemingly dazed from the gunfight began to run into the property in pursuit of a seemingly unknown enemy and failed to notice the garrotte assassin moving in the opposite direction. As Philip moved into his home to search for the assassin he noticed St. Joost had disappeared. Once Riven had finished off the remaining guards he began a search for his beloved master only discovering a few scraps of his priest robes. No sign of the assassin could be found so Boris headed off in his Jeep to patrol the road hopefully heading him off as he made his way back to town.

The remainder took Philips ‘G Wagon’ into the jungle in pursuit. It was not long until they found the assassin. Riven seemingly unaware of the speed of modern motor vehicles leapt from the speeding 4×4 only to miss the assassin and face plant into the soft jungle floor. It was left to Jake to put the assassin under the bonnet of the vehicle.

With Boris still patrolling the road for St. Joost the remainder began to interrogate the remaining guards but the only information gained was their overall leader simply known as Mr Phase. Philip using his speedboat goes over the bay to the city, while mid trip quickly disposes of the bodies into the see using weighted sacks to hold the bodies down. While purchasing aviation fuel for the plane his approaches one of the scientists dressed in black who is seemingly on the island to study the anomaly and asks to speak with Mr Phase, oddly the scientist is unaware of such a person. Are there factions within the government operation?

With the plane checked over for damage and refuelled Jake and Riven take to the skies and try to look for St. Joost by air while Philip searches the nearby coast line by boat. Boris again returns to the road hoping that he will see the old man walking towards the city along the road. With no luck the group meet up and fly towards Skylake a location St. Joost was known to frequent 500 years ago. The only thing the group found was a dilapidated church now little more than ruins. Searching for clues inside there was evidence that this was a church dating from the time St. Joost originally lived on the island. With no sign of the old man Riven leaves a note hoping to guide the old man towards the northern town of St. Joost where hopefully the group can meet him in the oldest church in the settlement.

The village of Holy Bastion
Day 3 continued

Boris and Jake head into town to meet up with Philip, while navigating the winding clifftop path they encounter a solitary peasant with a cart of cabbages who has recently departed the village of Holy Bastion en route to a nearby hamlet. Boris trades a disposable lighter for a cabbage with the man and when he departs Boris notices that the man has dropped another cabbage which Boris collects telling Jake ‘You never know when you’ll need a cabbage’.

In town Philip introduces Jake and Boris to the village priest who informs the group that they can stay in the church and enjoy supper with the community. Further enquiry into life in the village shows that they maintain a meagre existence subsistence farming as well as fishing the nearby sea as well as consuming the lesser Kindrakes which can be seen flying above and over the ocean.

Day 4

After an uneventful night in the church the group continues to question the priest on life in Holy Bastion and the flying monsters. That evening while going from the church to the meeting hall to enjoy another evening meal the group notice an oddly clothed man dart into a nearby shack. Following the group confronts a group of three oddly dressed individuals in the shack. While Philip runs to get the priest one of the three tries to pursue him, luckily Boris intervenes. In the ensuing scuffle Boris easily downs one of the three with little or no damage to himself. The remaining two soon capitulate after witnessing such a display of martial skill. Upon questioning they soon divulge that they are not from the village but wish to meet the new arrivals from the portal the following dusk down at the beach.

Day 5
Philip continues gather information about life through the portal questioning the village elder who has a small collection of stone bound books on the mater of the flying creatures. Although recently some tomes have gone missing, although the elder has no idea where they have disappeared to. Jack and Boris decide to use the plane to perform a more detailed recce pushing further inland to look for clues. Following a river delta inland they discover a large round stone slab with the angles slate rocks nearby arranged into some kind of structure.

Returning to the village the group prepares to meed the intruders into the village. Using his previous military experience Boris pulls up 200m short of the meeting area and takes up a vantage point where if required he can use his silenced AR-15 to protect Jake and Philip who meet with the three from the previous evening and another, well dressed old man wearing priests robes or similar attire. This group lead by the old priest explain that they are not members of the village but outsiders who revere the flying beasts. They offer more knowledge about the strange world beyond the portal and offer to take the group to meet others like themselves, but Jake and Philip must agree to be blindfolded while they are transported to the new encampment. After some wrangling one of the outsiders a man named Riven Bles agrees to accompany the group in their plane to the encampment.

Meeting up with Boris at the plane they are all soon airborne as the sun sets behind them. With light fading it takes a while to find the encampment, but with the help of Philips keen eye and the cameras fitted to the plane Jake is soon making his first night landing on the alien world!

The encampment is a small hamlet called Talons Rest. There Riven takes us to his cave and shows the group a book he removed from the village elder in Holy Bastion it describes in detail the winged monsters that dwell further inland. Sharing alcohol stored in the plane with the locals the group is able to understand more about life on this world and how the locals interact with the ’Dragons".

Day 6
Boris deduces that the old man is actually St Joost who has somehow managed to survive for over 500 years on this alien world. He agrees to accompany the group with Riven in tow back through the portal to see how the world has changed in the last 500 years. Using the remainder of the fuel the group enters the portal linking the new world hopefully back to the old world!

The beginning

The following journal is the writings of Boris Topor. All opinions are my own and based on my observations of the strange phenomenons encountered on my travels.

Day 1

The day began as most days begin. Crowning Bay was as busy and vibrant as ever, and the summer sun was past stifling. I made my escape from the capital to the beach house of my friend Philip Conrad. He was arranging a party for a few friends in the coming days and had asked myself and Jake Cutter over to discuss the arrangements.

While admiring the pristine Caribbean beach from the house I noticed something in the sky that seemed odd and out of place. After informing the others Philip used his telescope to identify it as a helicopter. It circled the home and landed on the beach. The chopper carried no livery and the windows were blacked out reminding me of CIA helicopters from my past. Once the blades had slowed a well dressed man exited the pilots door and approached the house . Philip met him and they discussed access to the property for geological testing. At this point two technicians or scientists exited the chopper and began to place instruments at various places around the property. Jake and I suspected something, with no livery and their identification leading to no company information on Internet searches we decided to investigate further. Philip informed us that there was geological activity at the volcano which had been dormant for over 500 years and that the scientists were investigating this.

We decided to investigate further ourselves with Jake taking to the sky in his sea plane and Philip and I taking his vehicle into the centre of the island to investigate. Jake gave us initial reconnaissance information by radio and once we began to approach the crater we were stopped by a manned roadblock. The guards seemed reluctant to let us pass claiming that the road was closed due to geological conditions, but after some talking Philip managed to convince them to allow us to pass, although they indicated that access past the next roadblock would be prohibited. As we approached the next roadblock we decided to not push our luck with the guards and I debussed and preceded on foot hoping to elude the guards by using the jungle as cover. My jungle skills seemed long underused and the noise of me moving through the buh attracted a guards attention. I decided to push on at speed using the jungle as cover, it paid off and soon found myself at the third checkpoint. What could require such guard activity? This smelt heavily of CIA activity. Not wanting to be discovered I called it a day. On return to the vehicle Philip drove back to the beech house and we decided to seek additional information in town. Jake headed to St. Joost to speak with local friends while Philip and I headed into Crowning Bay. The capital was awash with ‘geological’ scientists making the bars heaving with locals and foreigners alike. While Philip shmoozed with a female scientist I propped the bar and began to strike up a conversation with a few burley scientists who looked more like security workers. The vodka flowed,how the vodka flowed!

Day 2

Note to self, buy a dictation machine so I can remember what happens when I drink. I awoke at the beech house to a loud crack followed by a slow rumble. The clock read 4am as I cleared my eyes. Looking out into the dark towards the capital the volcano beyond was erupting it seemed. The magma looked more like plasma and began to form a disc approximately 200m above the crater, it was definitely not normal. As dawn approached the helicopter returned and the as the American approached the house I knew that somehow we were involved in something bigger. Philip invited him inside where he informed us that we were linked to eruption and somehow Philip, Jake and I carried a special gene and that we had been under observation for some time. How did they know this, was it from my days in the KGB, had mother Russian betrayed me again, or was this the work of the CIA during my days in the prison hell holes of Central America? He needed a sample of our blood to run further tests and indicated that there could be some financial reward for participating in the tests. Money was not that easy to come by at this time so I agreed. I was unsure of the reasons why the others participated but the American agreed to return in the following days to provide the results to the tests.

Now was the time for further investigation, but approaching by air was to obvious so we decided to take the ‘G wagon’ with Jake driving to ascertain what was beyond the third checkpoint. As we approached the first checkpoint it seemed erringly unmanned, where had the guards gone? The second picket was again unmanned, and as we approached the third we spotted the cause of the guards disappearance. From below the plasma disc was clearly viable but more disturbingly it did not glow red as it had from afar, but shimmered and revealed a floating landmass seemingly above us. More disturbingly flying lizards no longer that 2-3m could be seen flying through the disc. The blockade guards could be seen shooting the lizards which were swooping and buzzing the scientists makeshift camp.

There was a profit to be had if we could bag one of these flying lizards and Jake stopped the G Wagon while I prepped the trusty AR-15. My first shot ripped through the closest lizard which rapidly lost altitude and unceremoniously landed 30m in front of the vehicle. As Jake spun the wagon towards the downed target I let off another shot from the AR, a direct hit to the lizards which slumped to the ground. Eager to not outstay our welcome as it looked like the guards were getting the flying lizard under control we tied the lizard to the bonnet and headed back to the beach house. Jake knew a exotic pet collector on the island who may be interested in buying the beast. Philips large collection of chest freezers came in handy for storing the beast. We decided that a view of the disc from above could be useful and we took to the air in Jakes seaplane to gain a all-round view of the disc. We were not disappointed, from above the disc obscured the magma lake below and instead we were granted with a sky view on the other side of the disc. Strangely the disc was only wafer thin and difficult to see from the side.

On returning to the beech the American had already landed his chopper and greeted us as we docked at the jetty. Back in the house he offered us a deal to investigate the disc. A hefty seven figure sum was proposed and I knew my previous skills could be put to good use again. Jake agreed, knowing that the money was more than he could make in a long time working the islands air routes. Philip sorted out the contractual problems and The American who introduced himself as Jeffrey asked for a list of equipment we would need undertake a recce of ‘disc world’.

Day 3

The equipment arrived early in the morning and after recovering my kit from my apartment in the capital and leaving my keys with the owner of the bar above I set off for the beech house. Jake had already checked over the plane and with extra fuel onboard and cameras fitted by the scientists we approached the disc from above. Jake skilfully executed a barrel roll as we plunged through the disc. The Geiger counter alarmed as we crossed the disc but retuned to normal as the plane levelled off.

The view that greeted us was similar to where we had come from. In the distance we could make out a large land mass with mountains rising from the small costal plateau in front of us. After sweeping the island from left to right and keeping an eye on fuel we noticed a small village with numerous stone buildings with a basic track leading to a smaller village a few kilometres along the coast. Again the village was make of stone, with little vegetation in the nearby area. What had cleared the trees from villages, and why was everything made of stone?

Jake landed the plane expertly on the track a good distance from any settlement and while Jake and I began to camouflage the plan Philip set off towards the stone buildings.

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