Island Hopping

Lock the king up!

Day seven continued

Jake realises that there may be a requirement for his toolkit as this world seems very machine based. Heading back to the ship he notices a stowaway exiting a concealed compartment from the ship. By the gentleman’s clothes it seems he boarded the ship while we were in vacuum world. He introduces himself as Zak, and says he would like to join our bunch of adventures hoping to widen his knowledge and bring some futuristic eyes to our adventures. As we can always do with some experienced hands especially on a world dominated by machines Zak joins the group.

The now five of us head off into the jungle with our small robot urchin, Function McFlatcap in tow. I soon notice multiple tracks heading northwards through the jungle which soon gives way to a wide stretching savannah. Riven finds a river of oil seemingly flowing from the domed city and oddly decides to set it on fire. It lights quickly and is soon what I would consider out of control. Not wanting to remain we press onwards as the trail becomes more and more obscure. Hoping for some further clues to the disappearance of the princess we stumble upon some long forgotten robot parts, but these are now rusted and imposable to tell who or what these came from. As we progress trough the long rough grass I hear some noise from the distance in front of us. Not wanting whatever is there to escape Riven and Function scout ahead hoping to perform some kind of classic pincer movement. As the main group presses forwards we see a pride of lions basking in the sun, they soon notice us and leap towards us just as our two scouts appear behind them.

Two pounce towards the group while Riven attacks the remaining one. His vibro-blade soon removing the tail of one of the creatures then gutting it on his next hit. As one lurches for myself I land a glancing blow with the butt of my electron plasma rifle. The remaining lion pounces on Zak but he dodges it’s raking attack. Function decides to roll a nearby boulder towards one of the creatures, for a small guy he has some strength, that’s for sure! Riven soon finishes off the lion but not before becoming badly raked by the creature. After singing the fur of one I land a point blank shot onto the creature which seems to suffer a large amount of internal damage. As the creature falls to the floor Riven delivers a fiery punch tot he creature killing it. The remaining lion attempts to grapple the rest of the group leaping at three of us. We soon despatch the remaining opponent and notice that there are considerable amounts of freshly eaten mechanical parts. These lions do not seem to mind organic or inorganic food.

As we cross the brow of a hill we see a shining city in front of use with 10’ high walls and seemingly automated turrets regularly spaced along its length. Riven and Function scout ahead but Function is soon noticed and issued a start warning that all inorganic life cannot pass. Riven scales the wall and begins to dismantle the turret but seems unaware of modern electricity and soon receives a sharp shock from the machine. Zak sneaks forwards as the other two seem to have drawn all attention towards themselves and finds a city populated by organics rather than machines. We hatch a plan to smuggle Function into the city by hiding within the group, but they seem to have other sensors beyond visual ones as a guard soon appears. Using a quickly hatched plan that the metal lad is an adopted child of mine to bluff the guard seems to save the poor urchins life but we are still unable to get him overtly into the city for a considerable time. While Function and myself stay outside the city and attempt to discover a more clandestine route in the other attempt to set up a meeting with the local ruler. While reluctant at first as soon as we divulge that we left the city through a crack in its protective barrier we are soon taken tot he leader.

The leader of the advanced civilisation informs us that the robots are a troublesome bunch that have been imprisoned within the dome and that the gap posses a large risk to the rest of the population in the area. He is also perturbed by the large energy disc that has appeared above his city. Knowing that this is a byproduct of our arrives it is becoming more obvious that our adventures may be having an adverse effect on each world we visit! Luckily Zaks understanding of futuristic technology could be used to repair the breach. We are informed that the ‘king’ was placed within the domed city to control the machine people and that it is just a simple program designed to keep the population under control. The princess is just a facet of the programming and there is in fact no such entity. Seizing upon this knowledge we hatch a plan to build a version of the princess we can return with and present to the king. Jake and Zak soon get to work on an aluminium case that Function can wear while pretending to be the princess. Just as the plan is coming to fruition we are informed that a large raging inferno has make our trip back to the domed city near impossible, luckily we persuade leader to give us a flying skiff that will be able to navigate over the raging fire. I wonder how it could have started, Riven! Philip quickly trades some common items which the local take as ancient atifacts for some advanced weaponry and is rewarded with a functioning mini-gun.

Back at the machine city the others return to the ship while myself and a modified Function head towards the castle. We are soon ushered into the reception hall and I inform the king that not only do I bring the missing princess to him but I have also returned his crown which Riven had stolen. The king thankful of the crown seems unable to process the return of the princess, as if the princess was never meant to return. He soon seems unresponsive and soon banishes myself and the princess from the chamber. I point out that he seems as unappreciative as a frenchmen which oddly infuriated him. Before he can summon his guards the princess and I flee the palace just as Jake touches down in the courtyard. We abandon the ‘princess’ costume and make our escape from the compound, not before gesturing obscenities at he king, who responds with a flying boxing glove on a spring at us. The designers must have been in a comical mood when they designed the program. Just before we enter the portal Jake uses the nose mounted laser to etch an obscenity into the courtyard and as he finishes off the comment we flash through the portal.

Earth seems unchanged from when we left so we head down towards the island for the obligatory meeting with Mr Phase.



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