Island Hopping

Robot world

Day 6 continued

We returned to the foreman with the aim of negotiating a longer running trade agreement. We proposed a trade of one container of foodstuffs and one container of soil and seeds for two laptops of technological drawings and plans for advanced items. It is hoped that we could use these to bargain with the organisation, although I remain fearful of the impact advanced technology could have upon the world and how it is distributed. I have experienced first hand the a cold war between nations and I have no wish to return to one.

Leaving pad 17 Jake spun the ship up to power and soon the Hawkins Ring Warp Terminal was just a spec in the distance. We signalled through the portal for the organisation to open the containment field they had erected around the atmosphere consuming vortex that was the portal, and it began to open. We quickly dashed through returning to gravity and an atmosphere with great delight. We could see Mr Phase below eagerly waiting to be debriefed.

As predicted another portal had opened on the nearby island of Tambora and after informing Mr Phase of our expedition and of the situation of the galactic miners he agreed to ship two containers to them in a few days. In the mean time he requested that we explore the new portal. Philip managed to gain some knowledge of the organisation, it goes by the name of MI2. Hopefully Philip will be able to discover more. As the day was getting late we decided to restock and investigate the portal on Tambora tomorrow.

Day 7

After carousing the local town with Riven and introducing him to the delights of the finest Columbia marching powder as well as many women of dubious moral fibre we head towards Tambora. Luckily Jake is an excellent pilot so while Riven and I nurse our hangovers he pilots us in the new plane towards the portal and the island. Philip remembers that Tambora has an undersea communications link to the mainland that hopefully would not have been blocked by the recent events. We were in luck, and Philip quickly discovers that MI2 is in fact a Swiss company called Multiverse Intelligence and Investigation, but the track seems to have run dry, hopefully in time we ca discover more. He also realises the advantages a range weapon offers and decides to purchase an old fashioned elephant gun, he probably should have spoken to me as I would have pointed him towards a more reliable Armalite or similar modern weapon. Riven and myself look around the town and Riven is quite taken by modern timepieces. Alas his lack of identity is proving to be a problem with access to money so feeling generous with my newfound wealth I purchase him a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme LAB 2.

Our initial overfly of the portal reveals a standard world that seems to be encased in some kind of dome. Hopefully this will not restrict the plane to much, at least with the latest upgrades it should be able to manoeuvre well enough despite the close confines of a dome. Our original observations were correct. This new world looks like a garish combination of Disney’s magic kingdom and a neon mad Miami. There is a large collection of oddly made house surrounding the crater with what could only be described as a neon castle overlocking the entire town which is encased in a geodesic dome measuring three kilometres in diameter. Skilfully Jake lands the plane in what seems to be a parking lot. We quickly debuss to recce the local area and We soon find that there does not seem to be any people here. The world is populated by robots that all seem to be made in the image of a 15th century England mixed with modern features seen circa 1960. We soon find a willing robot to talk to us, a odd looking creature called Servo 15 who is a blacksmith by profession. He agrees to take us to his leader, the King using the monorail system that seems to be the only method of transport in the kingdom.

We are soon with the neon castle with it’s equally out of place drawbridge and portcullis and met by a robot receptionist who is able to grant us an audience with the ‘King’. The kings chamber is a a large circular room with very little furnishings of fixtures excluding the one door leading into the room. At first we were confused as to the location of the King, but we soon discovered that the leader is nothing more that a back computer on a plinth with a paper crown placed up its topmost surface. The machine informs us that he is the ruler of the palladium court and the king of these lands. Further conversation is limited and we soon find ourselves locked in the room unable to leave. Fearing the worse I challenge the king to produce his finest champion who I agree to duel in combat. This will take some time for the king to summon his champion so we are still confined to the room for some time. Further strained conversation with the king leads to the discovery of a princess that was stolen some time ago, and her rescue could allow our release. We agree to find the princess and begin investigating the nearby area and talking to the robots in the vicinity of the castle.

The king had alluded to her abductor being a metal dragon, surely it would not be able to fit into the dome? My hunch was correct and I quickly spot a fissure in the side of the dome due north of the castle. A small crack easily big enough for people to enter and exit the dome. A small vagabond type robot who is curios of the ‘fleshy’ creatures and follows me to the hole. He identifies himself as ‘Function McFlatcap’ He informs me that I should not pass through the gap and there is only nothingness on the other side. I explain to him that there is nothing to dear on the other side except vegetation and dirt, he seems unconvinced so I step through and then return. He seems bemused that I can return and becomes more inquisitive and soon follows me through the gap. As the others gather our equipment from the plane myself and my new found robotic helper explore the nearby area of the gap. I find a few footprints leading off into the distance, its difficult to determine if they are made by a person or machine but there has definitely been movement here recently, mostly egressing the dome!



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