Island Hopping

The fight

Day 6 continued

Jake expertly piloted his plane through the portal from below, leaving Philip and Boris waited for the familiar sight of the island to come into vision while Riven and St. Joost continued to be amazed at the wondrous flying ‘Stone Dragon.’ With fuel running perilously low Jake banked the aircraft in the direction of the capitol. Slowly the plane turned and levelled out as we began our decent towards Philips beach front property. The plane skipped along the calm Caribbean sea before coming to a controlled stop against the jetty that also accommodated Philips speedboat.

We disembarked and began to offload our equipment and camera footage from our expedition through the portal. While Jake and Boris completed hauling equipment into the house and securing the plane Philip showed Riven and St. Joost through the property and changes in customs that the two would have to get used too to survive in the modern world. Boris contacted the groups contact, Jeffery by radio and it was not long until the sound of Jeffery’s helicopter could be heard landing near the property. The group began to debrief Jeffery and he agreed to transfer $50,000,000 into an account for Jake and Boris. Philip used his knowledge of modern banking and accounting to quickly set up two accounts and the money was divided and transferred to individual accounts.

The debrief took a sudden change once Jeffery was informed that the old man accompanying the group was St. Joost. Riven pointed out that he could see three flying objects approaching. Boris confirmed that these were helicopters which landed approximately 20m from the beech entrance to Philips house, oddly six men dressed in black toting assault rifles debussed from the helicopters and began to approach the house. Jeffery demanded that the group hand over St. Joost. Boris sensing that the mood had turned sour quickly drew his Spetnaz spade and hacked at the legs of Jeffery who screamed in pain as the spade sliced his calf muscles of his right leg. He staggered back and drew two pistols from concealed belt holsters. Jake and Philip withdrew into the house with St. Joost while Riven who was by this stage at the side of the beech midway between the house and the helicopters where he was seemingly saying a preyer. The poor lad had never seen firearms and did not understand their destructive capabilities.

The six approaching men in black unleashed a torrent of automatic fire towards the property, the concrete taking the majority of the damage. Jeffery took a point blank shot at Boris delivering a flesh wound that Boris brushed off, one of the assault rifle bullets smashed into Boris staggering him back. With a rallying cry to arms from Boris the group began to fight back. Riven leapt at one of the guards from the helicopter plunging his dagger into the mans neck and sending him to the floor. Boris hacked at Jeffery severing his left leg and forcing him to the ground. Philip passed Jake a box of his prized spirits collection which Jake quickly turned into molotov cocktails and began to launch them towards the helicopters catching one and setting it on fire. As the guards continued to advance towards the house more bullets smashed into the property damaging the glass windows and furniture, luckily the group had just been paid and could easily repair the damage. One guard butt stroked Riven with his assault rifle while Jeffery pleaded with Boris to call off the attack and return to a diplomatic solution. To late, as Philip opened up with a pistol at point blank range on Jeffery, who’s head exploded like an over ripe mellon smacked with a baseball bat. Boris noticed an unknown assailant creep up the stairs just in time as he lurched for Boris with a garrotte. As Riven downed another guard Jake scored a direct hit on a helicopter with a molotov cocktail causing the vehicle to explode killing two of the nearby guards.

The garrotte wielding assassin moved into the property, Boris seemingly dazed from the gunfight began to run into the property in pursuit of a seemingly unknown enemy and failed to notice the garrotte assassin moving in the opposite direction. As Philip moved into his home to search for the assassin he noticed St. Joost had disappeared. Once Riven had finished off the remaining guards he began a search for his beloved master only discovering a few scraps of his priest robes. No sign of the assassin could be found so Boris headed off in his Jeep to patrol the road hopefully heading him off as he made his way back to town.

The remainder took Philips ‘G Wagon’ into the jungle in pursuit. It was not long until they found the assassin. Riven seemingly unaware of the speed of modern motor vehicles leapt from the speeding 4×4 only to miss the assassin and face plant into the soft jungle floor. It was left to Jake to put the assassin under the bonnet of the vehicle.

With Boris still patrolling the road for St. Joost the remainder began to interrogate the remaining guards but the only information gained was their overall leader simply known as Mr Phase. Philip using his speedboat goes over the bay to the city, while mid trip quickly disposes of the bodies into the see using weighted sacks to hold the bodies down. While purchasing aviation fuel for the plane his approaches one of the scientists dressed in black who is seemingly on the island to study the anomaly and asks to speak with Mr Phase, oddly the scientist is unaware of such a person. Are there factions within the government operation?

With the plane checked over for damage and refuelled Jake and Riven take to the skies and try to look for St. Joost by air while Philip searches the nearby coast line by boat. Boris again returns to the road hoping that he will see the old man walking towards the city along the road. With no luck the group meet up and fly towards Skylake a location St. Joost was known to frequent 500 years ago. The only thing the group found was a dilapidated church now little more than ruins. Searching for clues inside there was evidence that this was a church dating from the time St. Joost originally lived on the island. With no sign of the old man Riven leaves a note hoping to guide the old man towards the northern town of St. Joost where hopefully the group can meet him in the oldest church in the settlement.



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