Island Hopping

The village of Holy Bastion

Day 3 continued

Boris and Jake head into town to meet up with Philip, while navigating the winding clifftop path they encounter a solitary peasant with a cart of cabbages who has recently departed the village of Holy Bastion en route to a nearby hamlet. Boris trades a disposable lighter for a cabbage with the man and when he departs Boris notices that the man has dropped another cabbage which Boris collects telling Jake ‘You never know when you’ll need a cabbage’.

In town Philip introduces Jake and Boris to the village priest who informs the group that they can stay in the church and enjoy supper with the community. Further enquiry into life in the village shows that they maintain a meagre existence subsistence farming as well as fishing the nearby sea as well as consuming the lesser Kindrakes which can be seen flying above and over the ocean.

Day 4

After an uneventful night in the church the group continues to question the priest on life in Holy Bastion and the flying monsters. That evening while going from the church to the meeting hall to enjoy another evening meal the group notice an oddly clothed man dart into a nearby shack. Following the group confronts a group of three oddly dressed individuals in the shack. While Philip runs to get the priest one of the three tries to pursue him, luckily Boris intervenes. In the ensuing scuffle Boris easily downs one of the three with little or no damage to himself. The remaining two soon capitulate after witnessing such a display of martial skill. Upon questioning they soon divulge that they are not from the village but wish to meet the new arrivals from the portal the following dusk down at the beach.

Day 5
Philip continues gather information about life through the portal questioning the village elder who has a small collection of stone bound books on the mater of the flying creatures. Although recently some tomes have gone missing, although the elder has no idea where they have disappeared to. Jack and Boris decide to use the plane to perform a more detailed recce pushing further inland to look for clues. Following a river delta inland they discover a large round stone slab with the angles slate rocks nearby arranged into some kind of structure.

Returning to the village the group prepares to meed the intruders into the village. Using his previous military experience Boris pulls up 200m short of the meeting area and takes up a vantage point where if required he can use his silenced AR-15 to protect Jake and Philip who meet with the three from the previous evening and another, well dressed old man wearing priests robes or similar attire. This group lead by the old priest explain that they are not members of the village but outsiders who revere the flying beasts. They offer more knowledge about the strange world beyond the portal and offer to take the group to meet others like themselves, but Jake and Philip must agree to be blindfolded while they are transported to the new encampment. After some wrangling one of the outsiders a man named Riven Bles agrees to accompany the group in their plane to the encampment.

Meeting up with Boris at the plane they are all soon airborne as the sun sets behind them. With light fading it takes a while to find the encampment, but with the help of Philips keen eye and the cameras fitted to the plane Jake is soon making his first night landing on the alien world!

The encampment is a small hamlet called Talons Rest. There Riven takes us to his cave and shows the group a book he removed from the village elder in Holy Bastion it describes in detail the winged monsters that dwell further inland. Sharing alcohol stored in the plane with the locals the group is able to understand more about life on this world and how the locals interact with the ’Dragons".

Day 6
Boris deduces that the old man is actually St Joost who has somehow managed to survive for over 500 years on this alien world. He agrees to accompany the group with Riven in tow back through the portal to see how the world has changed in the last 500 years. Using the remainder of the fuel the group enters the portal linking the new world hopefully back to the old world!



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