Island Hopping

Vacuum World

Day 6 continued

Hopeful of a meeting with Mr Phase Philip radioed the organisation and hoped that they would attend a public meeting in a very public restaurant. We arrived at 19:30 at a very trendy hotel restaurant and ordered a good quality steak. A large quantity of organisation employees was amassed at the bar but I still considered the threat level low. It took a great deal of will power to stay off the booze and keep a good level head if anything happened. At around 19:50 we could see the organisation employees become agitated as they responded to heavy radio traffic we managed to overhear a transmission instructing ‘all units to intercept’ which prompted a large group to leave the bar. Riven was the first to notice a small tremor as drinks began to shake at the table. As I donned the earpeice to the captured radio stashed in my pocket Jake left the hotel to see if anything could be seen from outside. His wider view allowed him to notice some fast moving objects roughly man size if not slightly larger descending from the heavens some landing nearby. The panic level outside began to rise and as Mr Phase did not show we decided to return to the beach house to take refuge.

On the way home we passed one of the objects from the sky which had seeming landed or impacted into the ground near the road. A detailed observation showed a metallic creature roughly 2m tall shaped what can only be described as a humanoid drill. It was obvious that it was sampling the geology of the island. As we drew closer it rocketed skywards seemingly towards whatever portal it came from. The radio traffic indicated that they originated from from a nearby island and that the organisation was having trouble containing containing the threat.

We decided to investigate further so Jake began to refuel the plane while myself and Riven transferred equipment from house to the plane while Philip prepared some rations for the journey to supplement the military emergency rations stored onboard. By the time the plane climbed into the air night had descended and in the distance of the island we saw small trails being slowly pursued by organisation helicopters. As we approached we were contacted asking us to maintain a perimeter to the portal and we could feel a rush of air being pulled continually through the portal. Jake expertly piloted the plane to gain a maximum vantage point to see beyond the portal but all we were granted with was a view a a dark starless night on the other side. As we completed our flypast we were again contacted and asked to land nearby, which we complied with and we were guided towards a small landing strip aporximatly 1km from the portal. As we landed we noticed a similar sea plane to ours secured near to our landing spot. As we debused from the plane we were greeted by a well dressed French gentleman sporting a modern hairstyle who introduced a himself as ‘Mr Phase’. He explained that the organisation had constructed a vehicle the Jake could easily fly that was suited to operating in a zero gravity vacuum environment and that they wanted to us to take the vehicle through the portal and investigate on the other side. He also indicated that there were factions within the organisation that had sent Jeffery to our location to extract information from us.

We soon transferred our equipment from Jakes seaplane to the new vehicle and secured any loose items incase we encountered a zero gravity environment on the other side of the portal. With expert skill Jake piloted the new vehicle skywards, its new engines producing a near silent propulsion. We entered the portal from above and a few seconds later we were granted with a breathtaking view of a massive gas giant surrounded by a large asteroid field. In the distance I noticed a small metallic object, slowly Jake piloted our ship towards it. This was no small object, but the distance and the gas giant made it appear tiny. As we approached its size was in excess of 70km long and seemed to have suffered some minor damage from asteroid collisions. We noticed small teams of the objects seen on our side of the portal moving from the ship to nearby asteroids where it was obvious that they were mining robots of similar constructs. We were soon contacted by radio asking what an unknown craft was doing in the area. I took the handset and buffed that we were experiencing some mechanical failures and we needed to make an emergency landing, to add to the realism I feigned an intermittent radio fault. Luckily it worked and we were ordered to dock quickly at docking bay 17, which was painted in huge numbers just in front of us on the side of the huge vessel.

Once we docked myself and Jake debused and we were greeted by a woman who introduced herself as Vanessa. She made general chit-chat and directed us towards a customs terminal. She explained that the vessel was a platinum mining ship known as the Hawkin Ring Warp Terminal. Hoping that my bluff skills would continue to impress I engaged in small talk. Alas I don’t think a carried the bluff off as she summoned her superior to deal with us. Luckily Jake had bought a bottle of vodka, so as we waited I had a quart or two to steady the nerves. Riven had exited the craft after we left and decided to explore the area, finding conditions similar to any dockside waterfront complete with homeless and the other detritus one would expect to find in similar locations. The superior soon arrived and Jake showed him the footage of our trip through the portal. This was clearly something way above this guys pay scale and he was soon escorting us to the station foreman. A short monorail trip and we were all in an plush but functional office deep within the station. The man introduced himself as James Micheals, the stations foreman.

The foreman explained that the mining station was under a Galactic Imperial blockade due to the miners striking over low pay and conditions and the impending threat of ion cannon attack. Asking if there was anything we could do to assist he seemed to believe that there was little to be done to assist the situation. We enquired if there was anyone who could provide a tour of the facilities and we were assigned a lady called Eve to show us around. Eve explained that she was a platinum trader and hauler who had been locked on the ship for a year now due to the ongoing blockade.

Eager to see if we could turn a profit from the situation we formulated a plan to trade some of our meagre rations for technological items. Eve knew just the location within the ship and we were soon the owners of three vibro blades and an Electron pulser rifle.



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