Island Hopping

Italian sonic world

These worlds sure are strange indeed

Back through the portal we go, back to reality, or what is left of it.

The organisation is ever present as we land on the island. To disguise the fact that we have Zak with us we hand over Function McFlatcap to the organisation and while they are busy taking the poor machine of to be examined Zak quickly leaves the compound.

Back on our beginning island Riven decides to commission a tailor to copy his robes so he can have more than the meagre couple of sets he currently possesses. He also asks the tailor to somehow incorporate a set of body armour into the robes to offer him some protection. The tailor seems confused but after some persuasion he agrees to the request promising to have the new robes ready soon.

In the main city we meet with Mr Phase who says that the organisation has found St. Joost and that we can see him at 15:00 that day. Fearing this could be some kind of trap myself and Riven secretly prepare for combat hiding our vibro blades under many layers of clothing just incase we’ll need them. At 15;00 we are escorted underground in the main city to what seems to be a hidden research facility staffed with a multitude of MI2 personnel. Philip seems more interested in a female scientist called Louise than the condition of the saint but eventually we are reunited with St. Joost who seems to be mildly sedated but other than that in good health. MI2 seems to have worked out that he is an immortal which could spell bad news for the old man. While he may be immortal he is still rather old so I question their logic on this matter. After quite a bit of wrangling Mr Phase agrees that St. Joost can be released under our care and we take him back to Philips guest house near the beach. The organisation provides three doctors and other medical staff to look after the old man and Riven persuades one of them to lower the amount of sedatives the old guy is receiving, they seem to be pumping him full of enough drugs to put a horse or small camel to sleep!

The following day we escort the two containers we had promised to the vacuum world through the portal and we are rewarded with two laptops full of future technology. I only hope this is put to good use, but with the organisation I cannot be sure. As soon as this is finished Mr Phase explains that he can another MI2 employee, a doctor have both been tested and are able to use the portals to explore new worlds and as such they will be accompanying us on our next adventure. So Jake spins up the craft and we recce the new portal. From below it seems to be an arid dead landmass and from above all seems normal so Jake skilfully pilots the craft into the portal. We are greeted with a view of a seemingly lush world with a large dead area. We fly towards the nearest population mass and after checking the area over we land and investigate.

Meeting a local it soon becomes evident that the population are of Italian decent, stranger though is that they seem to have developed technology based on sound. As we are driven deeper into the city I decide to play some dubstep through the cars audio system which has a rather unfortunate consequence. The vehicle judders to the music and then accelerates to the beat of the song then seemingly crashes. It would seem that sound has a rather different effect in this world to our own. We are soon informed by the local constabulary that the dead area we saw when we entered is called the “Desolate Solo” and that the orchestra are charged with the defence of the land.

We go to the barracks and arrange a meeting with the conductor who explains that the land was once completely lush but an individual has been playing music that has caused the death of the land and it is ever expanding when he plays. They have had some success repairing some of the damage but currently the Desolate Solo is expanding. We experiment with my electron blaster rifle but it cannot penetrate a musical sound shield. Jake then strikes up an idea about using noise cancelling technology to cancel out any defence perpetrator may have allowing us to get under his shield and hopefully deal with the menace. Hopefully Zak can shed some light on how our technology can be used to defeat this menace!



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