Island Hopping

Prepare to stop speaking

Another one down

From my vantage point on the bank Zak, Jake, and myself watched the zombie golems shuffle towards Philip and Ednick. From our perspective there seemed no interest in conversation from the golems and as Philip began to back away from them I opened up with my electron pulse rifle. Sods of earth tore off the golem as the beam impacted into its midriff. Zak leapt forwards with his vibro-blade in hand, although I shouted at him to use the white noise box he had previously constructed. As Philip backed up he unleashed a shot from his high powered rifle hitting a golem dead centre. It began to turn to earth as it crumbled to the floor. Suddenly a strange ray of light flowed towards another golem which seemed to grow bigger upon receiving the light. Zak found himself surrounded by a couple of golems who began to tear at him, Jake had been studying the golems for a while and noticed weakness points that could be exploited, which he shared with myself.

We slowly dwindled down the zombies, but the team in melee had become surrounded, Zak believed this was a good time to use the white noise generator. Aiming at the larges group he activated the device and the golems ground to an instant halt, frozen in time! We picked off the remaining combatants and then we surrounded the remainder. As Jake slowly adjusted the beam to release one by one they crumbled to the ground transferring their power to the next one along, but all dissolved into dust as they were released.

As we pushed towards the lair of Disanance Riven caught up with the group and we soon arrived at the dishevelled hut owned by the renegade musician. Philip managed to find some exquisitely crafted gold instruments on a casual search of the property but I was more interested in defiling the residence. His instruments were the first to feel my wrath, suddenly a low hum could be heard outside and as if by magic Disanance appeared inside the hut. Not wanting to give him time to attack I pounced on him with my vibro-blade hoping to gain an element of surprise. The blade cut into the side of the man who seemed surprised with the speed of attack. He did not stay long though. As quickly as he appeared, he vanished. Fearing a reprise attack I positioned myself with my back to the wall and with white noise generator to my front with it turned up high. He did not return and Zak informed me that he vehicle had also disappeared from outside. Jake thought this would be a good time to get back in the air so as he went to recover his plane I went to own on the hut. By the time he returned I’d managed to rend one of the walls from its companions leaving a huge gap in the building. Zak began to experiment with the percussion instruments and noticed that they can inflict some considerable damage if controlled properly.

Jake arrived and we were soon airborne heading N on the trail of Disanance. Zak hatched a plan to modify the white noise machine and attach it to the belly of the plane where he could aim it in a general direction to slow any adversary down. We saw his vehicle speeding in the distance, but he seemed able to outrun our plane

with ease. We agreed to try and cut him off rather than chase him. As he moved towards the volcano we managed to glance him with the white noise machine he lost control of his vehicle and rolled it below our plane. We quickly landed and I leapt towards his vehicle. A casual search revealed no Disanance but I managed to notice him embedded in the nearby dune. Running towards him a buried my knee in his back and rammed my hand over his mouth to stop him singing. He struggled and tried to kick me off, delivering no more than a glancing blow. I buried the knife into his throat in an attempt to mute him. A direct hit, causing him to flail wildly with his hands, a look of utter pain on his face. I lowered the blade into his right leg and cut his hamstring, hobbling the poor bastard, my final blow was with the pommel of the blade into his eye. He soon raised his arms in surrender. The others approached with a rope and a gag and we then planned how to interrogate him. Using a pen and paper we discovered that he was indeed responsible for the destruction all seemingly over a minor disagreement. We agreed to hand him over to the orchestra back in the town where we had left Mr Phase.

The orchestra was overjoyed and gave us all a musical instrument. I choose the tuba, only because I liked the look of the item. We said our goodbyes and Jake soon had us airborne and back in our own world. It was good to be back to normality.



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