Island Hopping

Tinker, fireman, golem, music man

Building sound weapons of destruction

We formulated a plan to defeat the music man. Our first plan involves modifying a set of noise cancelling headphones. Zak and Jake eventually came up with a small ghetto blaster style item that projects an area of anti-noise. The conductor provides a trumpet player to provide a defensive screen behind which we placed a target. I set the electron blaster up and took a well aimed shot at the target. Alas all that the anti-noise system seemed to do was lower the performance of the shield.

Our second plan involved white noise. Again Zak and Jake got to work modifying the ghetto blaster to now project a cone of white noise. This has the effect of slowing time and finally stopping it within the field. Alas the trumpet player suffered somewhat when we tested weapons against the field. With a new tuber player we had more success and decide that this may be a viable weapon if used in conjunction with some digging equipment. The plan was to freeze the music man and then destabilise the area around him. The time stop will then be deactivated and we can hopefully capture him. Riven begins working on getting his dragon whistle to summon a fiery version of a dragon to attack opponents by studying the effects of sound and music in this strange world.

As the day is getting on we retired for the day. Zak and Philip entered the town to do some digging as to the identity of the music man. It turns out he was a normal citizen who had a disagreement with the town council over unpaid taxes and now seeks to overthrow the town and declare himself mayor.

In the morning Jake fires up the plane and we take to the sky to find the lair of the music man. Shortly after takeoff Riven attempted to impress the group by showing us his progress with his dragon whistle. Just as it looked like there was going to be an internal fire in the plane Jake activates the ejector seat in which Riven was sitting and he was thrown clear of the plane. Thinking quickly Riven manages to land using sound to provide an effective brake, although he was now left a few miles from the main group. We soon find the lair of the music man and Jake puts us down a few miles from his location. As we approached we found a party of Gregorian chanters shabbily dressed approaching the group from the right. Philip and Ednick approached them while myself and Zak provide over watch just incase something went south as they say. As the scouts got closer it seemed that the chanters were either animated dead or constructs of some kind who did not seem interested in talking.



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